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Facility Rental For Horse Shows / Clinics

Wyndsor Farm has been a fully functional horse farm for over 25 years and offers a variety of options catering to our equine community. The indoor arena (available year-round) is 120'x260' with top of the line dust free footing and LED lighting. Our outdoor arena (available April-November) is 120'x240' with world class GGT and silica sand footing. Both arenas are meticulously groomed daily.

One ring horse showShowing will be in one ring only, either the indoor ring or the outdoor

in. $1,500

   Two Ring Horse Show - Showing will be in the indoor ring and the outdoor ring.  $2,500


   Three Ring Horse Show (includes the derby field) - Showing will be in the indoor ring, the outdoor ring, and in the grass field. $3,000

One ring Clinic - Single or multiday clinic options available. $500 per day

What is included

  • Jumps will be placed in the center of the ring the day before the horse show/Clinic.

  • Trash and recycling cans will be out before the show. Trash removal will be after the show. 

  • Access to the club barn which is equipped with a viewing area of the indoor ring.

  • Wyndsor Farm staff will turn on all of the property lights and open the driveway gate the morning of the horse show.

  • One Wyndsor Farm staff member will guide parking.

Stall Rentals
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